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Featured Monster Brewing Products

6" long, 2" diameter, 2-Roller knob adjustable gap drill drive grain mill with 1/2" drive shaft and heat treated rollers
Price $379.00
6" Long, 2-roller knob adjustable gap drill drive grain mill
Price $139.00
6" long, 3-Roller knob adjustable gap drill drive grain mill
Price $189.00
6" long, 2" diameter, 3-Roller knob adjustable gap drill drive grain mill
Price $299.00
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News and Updates

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NEW NEW NEW!!!  We are now offering a keyed 1/2" drive shaft on our heat treated Pro series mills.  (2Pro, 3Pro, and 2Pro SL)  This is the option you want if you plan to drive your mill exclusively with a gear motor/coupler.  This drive shaft option makes it unnecessary to widen one flat on our standard 1/2" shaft for a setscrew.  It can also be used in low volume pulley drive applications where the pulley is keyed.  For higher output pulley drive applications, the PD option is the way to go.  This option can be selected on the roller material or drive shaft size pulldown menu on the product pages for the applicable mills, and is only available on heat treated rollers.


About Monster Brewing Hardware

Monster Brewing Hardware, manufacturer of the Monster Mill, creates hand crafted grain mills for discriminating home brewers. Our mills are specifically designed to grind grist for making beer at home. We offer four different model mills including our massive MM3-Pro with heat treated rollers that can run a small brewery, all the way down to the tried and true MM-2 for any serious 5-15 gallon all grain brewer.  All of our products are Made in the USA from USA made materials!

Monster Brewing Hardware
240 Compton Drive
Fayetteville, GA 30215